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All services are available in sliding scale as well as full pay options. You must provide documentation to support the need for the sliding scale fee. Please Note: mileage is not included in the prices below. The fee for mileage is $0.50 per mile and shall be determined following your meeting, mediation or hearing.

Records Assessments are the first service acquired by new clients and require an initial three-hour retainer. Therefore, both payment buttons below reflect the 3 hour retainer. When your retainer runs out, you will be required to submit payments based on your initially determined hourly rate to continue services. Payment must be submitted one day in advance of the meeting.

Online Ordering

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  • Records Assessments for IEP (Individual Education Program) or 504 Plans Development. Need a more detailed explanation of a standard Records Assessment versus a Records Assessment for 504 Plan? Please visit the Service Explanations page.
  • Post Records Assessment Consultation. Upon completion of your Records Assessment, you can choose to have a discussion with the consultant who worked on it, to answer any questions you may have, or receive explanations you need for free.
  • Attendance and representation during team meetings. (Hourly Rate and Travel Time)
  • Review the IEP and make recommendations in writing for changes so that you can sign what you agree with and what you don’t. (Hourly Rate.)
  • Representation at Mediation with a Mediator from the Bureau of Special Education Appeals. (Hourly Rate and Travel Time)
  • Representation at the Hearing level with the Bureau of Special Education Appeals for parents who don’t have the resources for an attorney only. (Hourly Rate and Travel Time)
  • Court Advocacy (When the school puts your child in court for “Disturbance of Assembly or Habitual Offender”) (Hourly Rate and Travel Time)
  • Guidance with filing complaints to the state “Program Quality Assurance” (PQA), when you believe that the district has broken a law. (Free)
  • Virtual Advocacy providing a live connection to an Advocate at team meetings. If you don’t wish to pay travel expenses, you can request that the consultant attend your team meeting via Skype, ZOOM, or Google Hangouts for either $75 or $100 per hour (based on your initial retainer rate) if you feel you don’t have the ability to speak to the Records Assessment.

Download our Intake Packet to begin a journey that will empower you with the knowledge to be able to eventually advocate for your own child. The intake packet must be filled out before your services can begin. 

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Records Assessment (Full Pay)

Records Assessment (Sliding Scale)

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Offline Ordering

You can always make payments through regular mail. Just make checks or money orders payable to:

Associated Advocacy Center (Alternatively AAC)
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Can’t afford our standard rates? Click here to find out about our payment plans and donation supported service options.

Payment Plans & Donation Supported Service Options

If there are any extenuating financial circumstances that need to be taken into consideration, i.e. homelessness or health, please contact us for a reduced rate. We can also set up automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account for those who need a payment plan. Please contact us to discuss your specific financial situation and we will do our best to come up with a solution that best suits your needs.

Because we are a nonprofit organization, we will not turn anyone away because of financial circumstances and when we have any money donated to sponsor a child’s education, we will offer it to those in need only.

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