Service Explanations

Records Assessment:

Have you ever left a team meeting not knowing what the school’s professionals were talking about, not to mention you didn’t know anything about what your child needed when you walked into the meeting? Have you ever felt lost when you get the IEP in the mail? You read it and trusted that the team was more knowledgeable than you as education specialists, so you just accepted it? Do you feel intimidated because you don’t understand what your child needs? Well, we have created the answer for that and you will never have to go through any feelings like that again.

A Records Assessment is a comprehensive review and professional analysis of your child’s file written for you to understand everything you need to know. We require 1 to 3 years of records (because if you ever had to go to hearing, the hearing officer will only review 3 years of information presented as evidence of your child’s needs. All of the documents that you need to provide are written into the Intake Packet Directions document.

What will you learn? 

We are not diagnosticians, but we have 34 years of education, knowledge and training in special education and disabilities behind us.

We will provide you with the information you need to go into a team meeting with the knowledge and understanding of your child’s presentations, an exact understanding of what the evaluations mean including an explanation of the scores that showcase the need, and the laws that pertain to your individual child. We will answer the question, “What is my child’s disability and what does s/he need?” Based on the presentations, you may be instructed to contact specific doctors to ensure that the possible diagnosis that we present to you is correct because we tell you what we interpret from the documents you submit. We will make suggestions for more evaluations (if needed), accommodations and modifications, goals and services. You will learn about your child’s needs in an easy to understand report. Because we compare IEP’s to one another, you will learn what is wrong and what needs to be done to make it right. 

In short, you will learn everything you need to make an informed decision that will help your child have the best possible educational outcome and future, because you have the “Power of the Pen”. You decide with your signature, what is appropriate and not appropriate based on our records assessment, and you will be the only one on the team that knows everything about your child’s needs. Eventually they will be looking to you for answers instead of the other way around, because you will have earned their respect for your knowledge.

The Records Assessment for 504 Plans:

If your child is on a 504 Plan, we will do the same records assessment and let you know if your child should really be on an IEP, what accommodations that are written are or are not appropriate, and a list of those that need to be added.