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Would you like Toni Saunders to do a training for your organization or group? Below is a list of all available training topics and descriptions. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to tell us more about your event, and to request a quote. You can also contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Connecting Communities with teachers: Education in the new millennium

Parents believe the propaganda that the media feeds them about teachers being the reason why the child isn’t making effective progress. That is like blaming the tellers for the failure of a bank. The “Education System” is flawed and teachers of the scapegoats. Our goal is to bring parents and teachers together in the community to raise consciousness and how as a group we can educate each other to create lasting systemic change.

Special education: Finding truth in Muddy Waters

Parents are expected to remain ignorant to the educational needs of their children who are struggling to learn. “I thought they had my child’s best interest at heart” is their mantra. As they go through the years, they realize this mantra is not true and they feel betrayed by those who are mandated not to provide any information that will educate the parent about their child’s needs. (This can be a form style where parents can come and ask questions, or it can be a training for new teachers learning a parents’ perspective.)

Education Disparities: Students of Color and Students with Disabilities

In today’s society, children who are different than majority typical peers are not provided with an equal education. Research elucidates what is happening, statistics highlight the disparities, and the legacy of racism is at the forefront of the challenge. What can we do to change the paradigm? Organizing for change.

The American Education System: Know Your Rights

Immigrants come to this country for better or for worse, but they all have the aspiration of a better future for their children as we all do. This training is to highlight and immigrant student’s rights to an education, learning the English language, and how the education system may fail to educate them if they do not have the knowledge to navigate the Special Education and Regular Education, systems.

Behavior in a Zero-Tolerance Policy System

Determining Placement/Least Restrictive Environment

Manifestation of a disability

Behavior change: teaching a child how to be

School to Prison Pipeline

Organizing for change.

Special Education: 8 Week Series

Know Your Child’s Rights

What is next after early intervention?

How to read and understand evaluations.

Deciphering an Individual Education Program (IEP)

Federal and State Laws

Disability Presentations: Accommodated, modified, and serviced

Transitioning: ages 14 (or 16 in states other than Massachusetts) – 22

Post-Secondary Education: Vocational training versus college (individual pros and cons)

Homelessness Rights

An overview of the laws and regulations that allow all children to attend school know matter what the circumstances of housing.

How to Include Children with Special Needs into Your Programs

Providing an overview of the different types of special needs and their presentations; and how to accommodate their needs for maximum participation.

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