Stephen Perrin

Board President


Mr. Perrin is a retired teacher who formerly worked in a program for children with social emotional disabilities. He is a man who is devoted to children with special needs getting an appropriate education.

Lourenco Andrade

Board Vice President

Vice President

Mr. Andrade is one of our former students from many years ago. He has a passion for keeping children with special needs moving up and out of the secondary education system so that they can have a chance at a life and a positive future.

Diana Lando

Board Secretary


Ms. Lando is a former parent. She is actually one of the first parents to benefit learning from our organization and she is giving back to the special needs’ parent/guardian community with her wisdom and support.


Krystine Henderson

Board treasurer


Ms. Henderson is a parent and grandparent whose empathy for children going through the education system is powerful. She’s been through so much in her life and now wants to be a part of something bigger than herself and make a difference.

Vivian Leary

Organization Attorney


Ms. Leary is a parent and grandparent who understands the system and all of the laws that impact special education. She is an invaluable member of our team having had to fight the system for her own family.

Amy Peters

Board Member

Board Member

Ms. Peters is the parent of 3 children with special needs. She has learned so much from fighting the fight, that now she’s ready to give back to the community as a member of our organization. She is a fierce defender of children with special needs because she has lived the nightmares and successes.

Isaiah Peters

Board Member

Board Member

Mr. Peters is a student and has benefitted from his connection to our organization. He is going to be graduating from High School and wanted to help others like him get the education they deserve. He is a wonderful youthful addition to the board with innovative ideas and a will to make a difference.

Toni Saunders

Executive Director

Ms. Saunders is the founder of our organization. Her passion for her students and parents’ success is undeniable. She relentlessly advocates for those who can’t advocate for themselves because they are fed the wrong information by the school district. She is a parent of a young adult with cerebral palsy and her youngest daughter had a severe social anxiety disorder. She’s been through it all and wants to share her knowledge with all who need and want to learn.