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We are here to advocate for your child’s educational future, and to ensure that you know your rights and theirs under the federal and state laws and regulations.


To organize, operate and maintain a full service informational Education Advocacy Agency providing services for children with special needs, their parents or guardians, and trainings for parents and other organizations and governmental agencies who work with and support the families; to further assist each family in obtaining the best education for the child while building their self-esteem and self-image through programs and trainings that foster education leading to independence.

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Do you feel confident enough that you think you may be able to attend a team meeting yourself? In addition to using our services directly, you can download the Special Education Advocate App and get instant access to the most common questions that come up about or in team meetings.

The app was developed by our Executive Director and Senior Educational Consultant, Toni Saunders, and is available on the major app platforms right now!

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